Rendr Softworks – Virtual Reality for Architects

Sweet dreams
are made of this


We help you reach more clients by raising comprehension on your work with impressive virtual tours.

Architects & Interior Designers

Dream of a unique journey because you have the keys and we want to make you feel just like home. Explore and interact, turn on / off the lights of the rooms, look at the view from the window at any time of day and night. Because every details matters, you will hear the sound of your footsteps, the wind blowing and the birds singing around.

Urban Planners

Get a feeling of your city from an aerial or pedestrian perspective, for any time of day and night. No matter how detailed and complex your city is, everything will run smoothly.


From the Royal Library of Alexandria to the Palace of Versailles under Louis XIV, get a glimpse into the past with an immersive experience accessible to all.

Let's dream

We offer a unique, personnalized and immersive experience to your clients.
The more you can express your design, the more clients you can convince.
Everything you see is interactive and feels like reality

We developed an immersive visualization experience for impressive demonstrations. This experience brings the users into a virtual world that can be explored and changed with an intuitive feeling of space and volumes, thanks to virtual reality technologies. All details are displayed in a quality similar to animated movies.

With impressive demonstrations, architects, interior designers, urban planners and museums will be able to reflect more accurately their projects, attract and convince more clients.

We offer to set up your project from your datasets in a realistic virtual environment that we create and animate. Then we provide everything you need for your amazing demonstration.

  • Oculus RIFT

    Virtual Reality experience at its maximum

  • CAVEs Systems + VRPN

    Virtual Reality for Research & Industry

  • 3D Displays + Kinect

    Virtual Reality for multiple users

  • 4K TV

    High Quality rendering for multiple users