Our services

Together, we work with you now and over time from your datasets (blueprints, AutoCAD files) to set up a realistic virtual environment that we create and animate to your needs.


Our technology (Immersion Engine VR) provide the best result you can wish : a real sense of lighting and space, realistic rendering, day and night cycle, and a lot more to experience…


About the experience

We provide professional equipment (Oculus Rifts, Kinects, 4K TVs, etc…) with different settings for your demonstration.

You decide where, when, and for how long the demonstration will take place.

A engineer from Rendr Softworks will assist you at all time with the material and the demonstration.

Available for France, UK, Germany…

Our team is located in Paris, France and we’re available in any western European countries (UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium).

Please let us know if your demo will take place in a country not listed above.


The pricing differ depending on how many details you want in your simulation.

We will be pleased to discuss your needs, please contact-us today !

Update : We are currently running a beta test program. Contact us to check if you are eligible and get special fares.

Other services

You can keep a local copy of your animated virtual environment and replay the experience when you need it. You can produce videos and high quality picture of your environment by yourself.

If you need equipment, we have renting plans with digressive rates. This could be a great way to show your previous work to your future clients.




Interactive Visualization of New York on a high quality TV for Urban Planners


(Click on the picture)

Interactive Virtual Visit of a historical building with Oculus Rift for Museums


(Click on the picture)


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